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of Jazz in Marciac


Marciac 2019 : Just Like Bananas

As the existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre proclaimed, Jazz -which has been flourishing for over 40 years in a public garden in Marciac- is just like bananas : it should be consumed on the spot.

Give or take a few surprising hybrids, many of the finest and ripest of fruit attracting tens of thousands of fans year after year will be featured at this year's festival. Everyone finds Jazz to their taste in this global village : whilst strolling under the arcades, as the strains of select musicians drift on the air from the square, or getting delightfully lost in the surrounding lanes where you can discover food and crafts on display... And why not play tourist, map in hand, by choosing one of the site visits in the Gers Valleys far from the madding crowd ? Finally, one can blend into the mass of jazz buffs wandering into the intimate atmosphere of « l'Astrada » or towards the main tent where legends blossom. The artists who perform there leave the whole audience in no doubt that they just experienced something exceptional. In truth, Jazz in Marciac doesn’t have to drown in a sea of "likes" to justify its incredible success. So cherished are the vivid memories of shared emotions that those who come to Marciac come back, all the while spreading the fabulous reputation of the festival in the glow of African-American jazz royalty. In Marciac "l'existence" is gentler than elsewhere, "l'essence" being the priceless fuel of the good life.

© Arkade, Marciac.

© Arkade, Marciac.