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You can book over the internet ticket office with booking fees, by phone from outside France 0033 (0), or by mail : send your order, with the payment made payable to "Jazz in Marciac". Do not forget to add a stamped self-addressed envelope for us to be able to send you the tickets. If you ask for a reduced rate, please include a photocopy of the relevant proof of eligibility. Send it to Jazz in Marciac, Réservations, BP23, 32230 Marciac, France.
Jazz in Marciac ticket office 8 place du Chevalier d'Antras at Marciac, is open Monday to Firday, 9 a.m to 12 p.m and 2 p.m à 6 p.m.

The concerts for which you have to have tickets take place at 9.00 p.m. for the marquee and 3.00 p.m or 9.00 p.m. for L'Astrada. We advise you to book immediately, as seats are reserved only on receipt of payment. Any request for reduced rates must be accompanied by proof of eligibility.

The subscriptions 

The subscriptions can only be bought directly from Jazz in Marciac, by mail or telephone from outside France 0033 (0) Do not forget to mark the concerts you wish to attend.

  • Full subscription 833 € (without July 18th)
  • Subscription 4 evenings (without July 18th) : cat A : 236 €  cat B : 212 €
  • Subscription 6 evenings (without July 18th) : cat A : 329 €  cat B : 294 € + August first offer

Reduced rates

Reduced rates do not apply to subscriptions. It is essential to show evidence of eligibility to reduced rates when applying for the tickets.

   - Groups (10 tickets by concert) cat A : -5 €  cat B : -3 € cat C : -2 €
   - The students, the unemployed :  reduced rates in cat B only
   - Children (under 12 years old) : 12 €
   - Handicapped people and company social organization : contact us


Plan du Chapiteau


Plan de L'Astrada